Our Pricing

We simplify our pricing structure into two tiers: with formatting and without formatting. All of our services include premium editing from a PhD editor with expertise in your field. See below for more information regarding the pricing structure.

Simple Pricing

Premium Editing

General Academic Editing, General Professional Editing

12 hours$0.05$12.5
24 hours$0.04$10
48 hours$0.03$7.5
72 hours$0.02$5

Premium Features

  • Premium Grammar and Content Editing
  • Ph.D. Editor with Expertise in your Field
  • Revisions and Clarifications
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Premium Editing Plus

Premium Editing Plus Formatting

24 hours$0.05$12.5
48 hours$0.04$10
72 hours$0.03$7.5

Premium Plus Features

  • All Premium Editing Features
  • Journal Recommendations
  • Formatting
  • References Editing
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